Protect Your Dog From Cold

Worried about your dog catching a cold after bath and not drying their fur in time?

The super soft and luxurious pet furniture set allows you to share happy time with your pets.

OUR HAPPY Customers


This is the best designed dog robe. It's for people who seriously need their dog to get dry and not shake all over the house. It's 100% cotton and not microfiber. It does run small. Rita is a 38# English Springer Spaniel, I got her the XXL based on the other reviews and it's a great fit.

A must have for us

Our boy has allergies, so he gets baths very frequently. He also enjoys lounging on the couch after a see where I'm going with this?? 😆 This has been absolutely perfect for so many reasons! In the winter it keeps him warm after a bath, it keeps us and our furniture fairly dry afterwards, and it helps him dry quicker than without it. He doesn't appreciate it over his ears (hence the sad face haha) but otherwise he is happy to wear it. I'm so happy we found this!!

Love it - super quality

It's a heavy/thick very soft material. Love it, stays on well, he doesn't mind and dries super quick underneath. He is cool when I take it off, so not too hot either, just right. Very impressed with the quality, the wide belt - very easy to put on. It even has two leg loops for the hind legs, well done. Super product! I'll definitely get another one of these when needed.