TazPet Bathrobe™

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Making Zoomies Fun & Mess-free

Whether it's post-bath zoomies or muddy park walks. Having a dog around is a beautiful mess. And as dog owners, we wouldn't have it any other way. Here at Pet’s Bath Robe, we simply take the mess out of the picture. Helping you enjoy your bonding time with as little aftermath as possible. All while protecting your furball from getting cold after grooming or bath time.

Easy to Wear and Remove

Even the sassiest dogs won't balk at wearing it. The robe is easy to slip on, boasts a strong Velcro connection, and wraps securely under your dog's belly.


Tazpet Bathrobe™ is engineered from high-performance microfiber. It absorbs liquids 10 times its weight. Allowing your dog to dry faster and protecting it from getting cold during winter.

Measure Your Pet If your dog is an in-between size, please consider going up a size for a heavier dog, and going down a size for a lightweight dog. Suitable for dogs and cats in different breeds and sizes.

Machine Washable:

Tazpet Bathrobe™ has years of reliable service up to its sleeve. It can handle all the clawing and biting your pet throws at it. Just pop it in the washing machine at the end of each week and you're all set.

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Customer Reviews

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He loves it

I bought it too small, that's my fault. But my dog doesn't let me dry him with a regular towel so this worked really well. No more drenched carpet, no more wet dog hours later. He didn't mind it going over his head at all. He seems more calm in it as well. I'm going to exchange it for a size up & live happily ever after.

Very plush!

It is nice and thick! Very helpful after a bath or if it is just cold outside!

Lorna Olson

Great, my puppy love it

Harry Daugherty

The towel for the dog is fine. We have with a small labrador one size M. Fine choice.

Milan Franecki

satisfied with product, was as stated